MEPCIS is a society of clinical engineers that support life saving and diagnostic equipment. Our members are from Hospitals, Manufacturers and Other Supporting Organizations. We are located primarily in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

What The Biomedical Community Is Saying...

No one Technician can keep up with the rapidly changing Medical field. Being part of MEPCIS allows the Technician to learn and share information with their peers. So much talent to glean from. Just a great organization....

John Schubnel, Director - i2o Technologies

MEPCIS is an independent entity with the purpose of promoting education and communication from multiple Healthcare professions, Healthcare manufacturers, Service organizations and Hospital Clinical Engineering. MEPCIS members all are on a friendly and personal basis with each other. Our members regularly share information that helps to enrich all parties with a common goal of quality patient care and safety.

Dave Heckman - Lehigh Valley Health Network
Chuck Donmoyer

I joined MEPCIS after I started working in the biomedical engineering field, June 1986. The primary purpose was to learn from other BMETs or manufacturer presentations. I have learned that even though the internet has made more information available for BMET's it can’t replace the comradery at MEPCIS meetings.

Joe Ostrowski, BMET 2 - St. Lukes Health Network

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